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People-Centered | Data-Informed

We’ll help you build a plan that suits your needs, fills in the gaps, and helps you use data effectively to inform your decisions, manage or monitor performance, and gain valuable insights. Our goal is to help you feel confident in your use of data and the resulting decisions through strategic guidance, technical assistance, user-friendly analytics tools, and training.


What we don't do...

We don’t evaluate programs or services or perform research, but we make sure that quality data is available for those purposes.
We are not evaluators or researchers, but we can help you create systems for collecting and managing data so that it is accurate, reliable, and can be used confidently in an evaluation or research study.

We don’t build case management systems (CMS), but we can work with another vendor to make sure that a CMS works for you.
While we do not develop, host, or manage case management systems (CMS) or client relationship management (CRM) systems, we can help you figure out what data needs to be collected in a CMS or CRM and how it can be accurately collected. We can also work with you to create data extracts or spreadsheets from the CMS or CRM that are useful for analysis.

We don’t engage in public advocacy, but we can help get impactful data into the hands of those who do.
Although you won’t see us testifying before a legislature, writing opinion pieces, writing reports, or arguing for a particular policy, we support people that do. Whether you are planning to use data inside a justice agency to affect policy change or to argue that those changes should happen, we’re here to help. We believe it’s possible to use data to eliminate the disparate impact of the justice system on people of color and reduce the number of people behind bars overall, while keeping our communities safe. 

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Measuring Up:

Performance monitoring and statistical analysis in youth justice reform