State Governments

Some work samples have been anonymized to protect client privacy.


State Governments

Delivering tools to state justice system leaders

State government leaders, managers, and stakeholders in justice systems need tools to regularly monitor performance and have an overview of the data that informs their decisions related to policy, practice, and process.

State Youth Justice Reform

State Data Capacity Building

Empact Solutions collaborated with a state to prepare and analyze data to monitor youth justice system performance across dozens of counties as well as an aggregate. It also serves as a tool for informing state and local practice and policy reform.

Reducing Racial & Ethnic Disparities

Race & Ethnicity Indicator Analysis

Youth justice systems disproportionately affect youth of color. One state sought to center race equity and inclusion in all of its youth justice reform efforts. To have informed policy discussions around race and ethnicity within youth justice systems in order to work towards solutions that will address racial disparities and monitor system progress.

Youth Justice Leadership

Executive-Level Performance Management Tool

Executive-level staff leading youth justice reform efforts need tools to track performance and have meaningful discussions with managers about the data in the sites they monitor.


Let’s build a data-informed, people-centered system together

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