Empact Solutions bridges the gap between data and social services.

our services

  • Create a culture of data
  • Communicate data effectively
  • Collect data
  • Take action using data
  • Become a data champion

why empact solutions?

Empact Solutions bridges the gap between justice systems and their data needs through strategic capacity-building approaches. Our method empowers our clients to leverage data to make informed decisions in a sustainable way.
We know data can be accompanied by frustrating circumstances and time-consuming hurdles. With understanding, patience and an effective process, we make data more accessible and less intimidating while decreasing the long-term burden of managing it.
Our mission is to support justice systems and their partners to have a greater impact on the communities they serve through a strategic, efficient and empowered approach to using data.

our expertise

Empact Solutions cultivates the capacity within justice systems and organizations to make data-driven decisions through client-specific trainings and consulting. Using an approach that integrates empowerment, empathy and a wide array of technical expertise, we will help you generate meaningful data insights to empower your mission and impact the communities you serve.
Juvenile Justice
Criminal Justice

data that matters

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Tune In

Our Founder, Jason Melchi, shares more about our approach to data in juvenile justice work
“Episode 3: Jason Melchi” from These Are Our Kids: A Podcast for JDAIconnect by Beth Oprisch, Auri Whitaker, Jason Melchi. Released: 2019.

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