Empact Solutions bridges the gap between data and social services.

our services

  • Innovative approaches to institutionalizing the use of data within an organization.
  • Customized training – data visualization, data fundamentals & Tableau Software. Develop skills for using your data!
  • Execute reporting requirements.
  • Develop intuitive graphics, presentations and interactive reports.
  • Develop custom approaches to data collection to best serve your needs and the environment you work in.

why empact solutions?

Empact Solutions can bridge the gap for you and your data needs. We aim to empower you through data.
We know data can come with many frustrations and we understand. With a little patience, we can make data more accessible and less intimidating while decreasing the burden of managing it.
Our mission is to enrich public services to have a greater impact on the communities they support through strategic, efficient, and empowered use of data.

our expertise

Empact Solutions provides training and consulting services to put data into action. Using an approach that leverages empathy and patience, we help you generate meaningful data insights to empower your mission and improve your impact in the communities you serve.
Juvenile Justice
Criminal Justice
Social Service
Public Health

data that matters

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“Because of Jason’s guidance and support, I no longer view data as this scary thing that only ‘data experts’ can and should tackle. Instead, I now view data and the use of data as one of the most powerful tools that can be used to develop priorities, shape conversations, and measure outcomes when working to implement juvenile justice reform.”

Tashi Teuschler, Indiana JDAI

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