Who we are

About us

Who we are

About us

How We Got Here

Empact Solutions was formed to address the gaps between managing the technical aspects of data and the power that data has to help inform system improvement efforts in public service institutions, especially those that are related to the justice system.

Too often people think that data should be left to the “data experts” and willingly give away the power that is often enhanced through data. Bridging the technical aspects of data with the practical application of system improvement efforts returns that power to the people who do the work. Practical, accessible and empowered communication about data welcomes all stakeholders to the table. The impact of system improvements are enhanced when they are data informed.

The staff at Empact have worked in both worlds – as technical professionals and as practitioners doing the hard work to implement change.

We are made up of people who care about the world we live in and who believe in the power that data has to inform positive change. Our focus on justice systems is embedded in the belief that justice system reform is more powerful when informed by data, and more impactful when leveraged by system stakeholders and the communities that they serve.


Our Mission

To empower justice system stakeholders to use data skillfully and assuredly to drive positive reform and compel others to action.

Our Vision

The justice field uses data with conviction to inform both policy and practice in order to build humane, equitable, and informed justice systems that promote positive outcomes.

Our Core Values:


Meeting you where you are


Working together to create meaningful analyses

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Promoting approaches to data analysis and strategy that include and support everyone


Integrating our values throughout our work


Allowing our humanity, originality and ingenuity to come through in everything that we do


Podcast featuring Empact Solutions founder

In this episode of our podcast, Jason talks about the new data core strategy pages on JDAIconnect, data visualization, and bringing empathy into the data work.