Law Enforcement Diversion

Law Enforcement Data Analysis

The Center for Children’s Law and Policy (CCLP) works closely with local youth justice agencies to help them expand and enhance diversion opportunities at the earliest stages of the youth justice system, with an intentional focus on race equity. CCLP needed help navigating relationships with data management professionals at a local police department to obtain the right data to identify potential areas for change and develop recommendations for implementing diversion.

How we helped:
  • Assisted CCLP to determine the questions they wanted to answer and then created a template for desired data fields
  • Built a relationship with law enforcement data professionals to identify data fields that would answer CCLP’s questions regarding law enforcement interactions with youth
  • Created Tableau dashboards to first help CCLP explore the data, figure out what the main takeaways were, and then build dashboards to highlight those findings
  • Informed a set of recommendations to the local law enforcement agency to enhance law enforcement diversion efforts
  • Increased community stakeholder interest and investment in solutions to youth behavior that don’t involve law enforcement

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