Juvenile court

Case Processing Analysis

A statewide reform effort that includes dozens of counties and sites, and multiple case management systems, needed a standardized solution for regular reviews of the time it takes for a youth justice case to move through the system.

How we helped:
  • Worked with stakeholders to define a standard dataset and integrate these standards into their case management systems.
  • Developed a robust Tableau workbook with multiple views and interactive dashboards to help stakeholders better understand how their system processes referrals.
  • As part of our ongoing work with the client, we developed additional dashboards to specifically analyze system performance through the lens of
    • Youth demographics: race/ethnicity, age, sex
    • Offense
  • We regularly provide strategic and technical support through data tool development and capacity-building sessions.
  • Stakeholders have the ability to easily analyze case processing performance and gain quick insights into their respective outcomes for any time period they desire and with very little additional time invested.
  • Local staff can quickly and easily identify data entry errors, improving the overall quality of the data.
  • Local agencies are able to pinpoint specific areas that may be slowing the case process.
  • Case Processing dashboards are instrumental in informing policy and practice reforms at local levels.

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