solitary confinement

Legislation Tracking

As part of a national campaign to end the use of solitary confinement within the justice system and track legislative progress, Unlock the Box collects and stores legislation data in multiple spreadsheets. They needed a way to more efficiently analyze this data and make it accessible to different end-users.

How we helped:
  • Created a ‘master’ sheet that auto-populates any new legislation bill added to the dataset, which in turn auto-populates an Excel spreadsheet for those who are more comfortable with this tool
  • Developed and designed a Tableau Story with multiple, interactive dashboards that monitors legislation and allow for exploratory analysis from many different angles
  • Wrote a how-to guide with instructional overlays that walk the user through each dashboard
  • An uncluttered, user-friendly tool that is accessible to advocates, journalists, legislators, and others involved in solitary confinement legislation

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