Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool

A large university applied for a federal grant to investigate the impact of the ongoing substance use disorder crisis on youth involved in the youth justice system, specifically those placed on probation. The primary goal of the project is to identify and address gaps in the cascade of substance use care for youth involved in the youth justice system. 

The project creates collaborative alliances between agencies and local behavioral health care organizations to not only provide care to youth but also to regularly share data with local practitioners in a useful and visually appealing way. Those visualizations help them identify gaps in the delivery of substance use services to youth on probation.

How we helped:
  • Support counties by visualizing the connection between juvenile justice and community behavioral health center referrals to illustrate the relationship between these two systems.
  • Created interactive dashboards that appeal to local practitioners to help them gain a better understanding of timeliness and referral populations.
  • Shared youth justice system expertise and experience in the development of dashboards and in working with the counties.
  • Visually appealing dashboards for local stakeholders to use to adjust decision-making to screen and connect youth to appropriate behavioral health services.
  • Informed a unique research project that highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with connecting youth justice systems to community behavioral health services.

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